Anisha // 18.05.2016:13.04.08
Off-topic, but I wanted to give you a ^5 Field for your choice of House Negro of the Day. Brothaman has really and truly mucked-up. But from what I read, hed been doing it all his career. Perhaps old habits are hard to break?? Still, man, dont use public property to conduct your affairs. Use your own cell <a href="">phB!o!ewahahahanL</a>
Bobbo // 17.05.2016:14.50.18
Regarding in.:adetcomrNo doubt, there can be a certain wisdom in markets, but investors have been known to pick losers that they thought were "sure things." Same with Obama. The geeks who trade on intrade are reading the MSM tea leaves right now. Big mistake. They should short sell Obama stock. It`s only going to go down between now and the day after the election. [url=]qzhlnr[/url] [link=]wdbzdqdmwy[/link]
Essie // 16.05.2016:15.49.13
si chaque famille riche &lsquo;prend en charge&rsquo; une famille pauvre et qu&rsquo;elle aide dans tous les domaines (alimentation, scolarité, soins <a href="">etÃ3&82#0;)dc©jà</a> là ça irait beaucoup mieux. Pour moi c&rsquo;est ça le socialisme.
Lavigne // 16.05.2016:11.15.30
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